Who Can Play?

Youth- Grades U9 to U15: (based on August 31 birthdate)

Anyone who resides in the Watertown School District and surrounding school districts including Jefferson, Lake Mills, Johnson Creek.

High School- Grades 9-12:

Anyone who attends Watertown High School or resides in the Watertown School District and attends a private school without a lacrosse program 


Boy Teams:                Girl Teams

U9                               U9

U11                             U11

U13                             U13

U15                             U15



Watertown Lacrosse Season

Our season begins early March and ends mid June


Boys Equipment

-      Hockey equipment is not allowed in Lacrosse

-      Helmet and mouth guard

-      Shoulder Pad

-      Elbow Pads

-      Gloves

-      Lacrosse Stick (or also known as a Cross)

-      Cleats (no metal tips)


Girls Equipment

-      Goggle

-      Mouth guard

-      Lacrosse Stick (or also known as a Cross)

-      Cleats

Is Lacrosse a Contact Sport?

Boy’s lacrosse is a contact sport for U13 – 12th grade

Boy’s lacrosse is not a contact sport for U9- U11 

Girl’s lacrosse is not a contact sport

Where do you practice?
Youth U9/U11 team practices at Lincoln Park 2-3 practices a week

Youth teams practice at Riverside Middle School - averaging 2-3 practices a week
High School teams practice at Grinwald Park – practicing 3 days per week
Where are the games played?
Youth and high school games are all played at Riverside Middle School.
Who in our area also have lacrosse teams?
Boys                                        Girls
Arrowhead                              Arrowhead
Brookfield                               Brookfield
Catholic Memorial                  Kenosha
Franklin                                  Kettle Moraine           
Heritage Christian                  Mukwonago
Kenosha                                 Oconomowoc         
Kettle Moraine                        USM     
Lake Shore                             Waukesha/CMH
Northshore- youth only
Shorewood- youth only
Is Lacrosse a WIAA Sanctioned Sport?
Lacrosse is not yet a WIAA sanctioned sport.

One of our strengths is our coaching staff!  All our coaches are US Lacrosse certified with either Level 1 or Level 2 certification.
US Lacrosse
All participants (athletes and coaches) must have US Lacrosse memberships.
Board of Directors
Watertown Lacrosse has a board of directors, who govern the club.
Where do I go for more information on lacrosse?
To learn more about the sport of lacrosse: www.uslacrosse.org
To learn more about Watertown Lacrosse: Email: h2otownlacrosse@hotmail.com
Our Website: www.watertowngoslingslacrosse.assn.la